…working with space
Design has a relationship to its surroundings: described by its enclosure of solid and void; contemplating its form; creating a variety of spatial experiences, ranging from the intimate to the monumental. Design is the tool, space the reference.
mxmxm = m³
…working on different scales
Design is not limited to a certain scale. Design as an approach can be applied again and again with the same sensibility. Projects can differ from the creation of an object to the layout of an urban master plan. Design is the tool, scale the reference.
mxmxm = macro meso micro
…working together
Perspectives can only be broadened by collaboration. Projects should not be constrained by any one discipline. Concurrences happen out of coincidence, shared interest or necessity. Design is the tool, you are the reference.
mxmxm = multidisciplinary
Studio mxmxm is an art and architecture studio founded by Jason Slabbynck in 2012. The studio focuses on making comprehensive projects, on different scales, that trigger transformative experiences. Those projects – from music theatre performances to architectural installations – sometimes require active citizen participation (THE LIQUID WALL and A/MAZE/ING), often include new technologies (such as the LED technology used in the music theatre performances MONU and TINKLING I) and always try to be readable to a large public. Our goal is poetic reflection and community building, provoked by an honest, minimal and innovative design. By collaboration for each project with different people/organizations, studio mxmxm always seeks a multidisciplinary approach broadening the perspectives.

Over the past years this studio has set up multidisciplinary projects in collaboration with people/organisations from varying (artistic) fields including: Vzw synART, De Toekomst van Brugge, Benjamien Lycke – composer, Mien Bogaert – stage director for opera, Talitha De Decker – choreographer, Annelien Lycke – art historian, Jasper Senaeve – architect, Alexander Poelmans – architect, Corneel Schepens – architect, Jordan Slabbynck, Lukas Proot …

Jason Slabbynck
After studying Architectural Forming at the technical school in Bruges, Jason Slabbynck started his training as an architect at Sint-Lucas in Ghent. In 2012 he graduated as a Master of Science in architecture. After working shortly in Brussels he moved to Rotterdam to work in the international office of MVRDV. Their he worked on the new collection building for the Boijmans van Beuningen museum which is now being constructed in Rotterdam. On this moment he is active at Architectuuratelier Dertien12 in Bruges. There he collaborated with the south Korean office OBBA (Office Beyond Boundaries Architecture) for the creation of the Floating Island for the art and architecture Triennial in Bruges.

But the working field of Jason Slabbynck reaches much further then just architecture: multiple interdisciplinary projects in which he collaborated delivered already interesting results. Together with the art collective synart, which he is part of, he already had a great success with performance MONU. This multimedia warrequiem with music, dance and film sheds light on the Great War from different perspectives. For this performance Jason Slabbynck designed and made the scenography and filmed the monumental footages that was used as a background for the choreography. Recently he designed and made a scenography for the danceperformance Tinkling I, by choreographer Talitha De Decker, which is now on tour in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Three aspects form a red thread through the works of Jason Slabbynck. Firstly his architectural background, through which he succeeds to make strong formal choices. Secondly, his desire to tackle projects that differ greatly from one another (from the design of a small object to the design of an urban master plan) with the same sensitivity. Thirdly, to let himself be challenged, again and again, by working together with artists from other disciplines.